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Vegetable-fruit diet - opinions

Vegetable-fruit diet - opinions

Before you make the decision to follow a diet…

Before undergoing any diet, one must properly prepare for it. First of all, the reasons behind the efforts of following a diet, need to be defined. Most often, such a reason is the will to lose a few kilograms and improve the health. The next step should be answering a question, “am I able to undergo the efforts of the planned diet?” Because, the decision of undergoing a diet is often made when we are full – which is often accompanied by remorse – and when the vision of a diet seems as an easy and pleasant process of achieving the dream figure and weight. Because of a weak motivation, lack of fast and spectacular results, and a bad physical and mental mood during the diet, 90% of people undergoing the efforts of a diet, do not achieve the set goal.


The essence of the vegetable-fruit diet

In order to properly take advantage of the vegetable-fruit diet, and hold on till the end, one has to learn its main function. The advantage of the vegetable-fruit diet is its cleansing power resulting from the fact that a substitute, internal nutrition is activated due to an insufficient external nutrition, while the bode receives priceless biocatalysts and fiber from the vegetables and fruits.


Difficulties in following the vegetable-fruit diet

During the first few days of the diet, headaches and fatigue may occur, while during the entire diet the so called healing crises may take place, indicating that the body has switched to internal nutrition. As doctor Dąbrowska - the author of the diet – writes, the healing crises most often take the form of a headache (45%), stomach ache (43%), diarrhea (34%), painful joints, insomnia, dizziness (20%), skin changes (5%). Symptoms of the healing crises often resolve spontaneously and do not require treatment. The low calorific value of the products in the diet, may result in the feeling of cold, especially during the less warm months. From a social and psychological point, the vegetable-fruit diet as a nutrition method based on selected vegetables and fruits, may be regarded skeptically or not be accepted by the surroundings.

Opinion on the fruit-vegetable diet – difficulties, toils, and effects in Beata’s (40 y/o) report

I have heard about the vegetable-fruit diet from a friend, who has followed it for a few weeks for health reasons. I could not believe her opinion, that she is able to function properly without eating meat, bread, or dairy. Curiously, I began to search for information and opinions on the subject, and with each minute devoted to learning the details of the diet, I was more and more positive that I may have found a remedy for my health problems. And my health problems resulted mainly from the fact that I was not able to get rid of the few extra kilograms. Kilograms which in the opinion of doctors, there was quite a few, in contrast to dieting attempts which I’ve lost count of. They all ended after a few or over a dozen days, and the lost kilograms returned very quickly.

I have learned by reading doctor Ewa Dąbrowska’s book “Ciało i ducha ratować żywieniem”, that during the cleansing diet my body will clean itself from toxins, begin to burn what it has accumulated, and that the so called healing crises are proof that the diet works and that it is only something to be happy about when they occur, because that proves that the body cleanses itself and everything goes according to plan.

It took me quite some time to make the decision that it’s the right moment. Up to that point, I’ve started ach diet “from Monday” or “tomorrow”. Just that one chocolate, because tomorrow… And so it went. I gave myself time to get to know this diet – indications and contradictions to using it. I have learned the notion of healing crises and understood that I will be actually looking forward to them. At the end I’ve made a grocery list – vegetables, fruits, teas. On the next day I’ve done the shopping, placed the groceries on a table, and decided that I will be following a really beautiful diet – the image of all these vegetables was just breathtaking. To start the diet on the next day, I’ve made cauliflower soup in accordance with the guidelines of the vegetable-fruit diet.


I’ve started the first day with hot cauliflower soup. Instead of coffee, I had three green teas, an apple before noon, then carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. In the evening cauliflower soup again. The day ended successfully – I’ve held on.

The following days were similar in terms of the diet: soup in the morning, then fruit, many vegetables, soup or hot vegetables in the afternoon, many teas (green, nettle, mint, fruit) and large amounts of water. Drinking water was easy, because I’ve followed this diet in the summer.

The first crisis came on the third day. The headache was tremendous. The lack of coffee – said everyone who has ever seen me with a cup of black brew in the morning. Let go, you won’t be able to function like this – friends advised. No way. I knew that it was temporary, that if I hold on then it will be better. That it’s the way it is supposed to be.

From the next day on, it was better. Hot soup at the start of the day, gave me energy, warmed me up, and made me feel full. I have switched from coffee to green tea, which I now brew properly – thanks to which, my family’s opinion as to the taste of green tea has changed drastically. I have discovered that nothing beats hunger like a carrot, and that even stewed onions with eggplant and garlic may be heavenly. It’s all a matter of attitude and striving for a well defined goal.

I have followed the vegetable-fruit diet for the recommended 6 weeks. I have lost 12 kilograms. I move more efficiently, have more energy, and feel better in general. And I have proven to myself (and especially to others) that if you prepare well for something, and understand what are you aiming for, then success is within reach.

Opinion on the fruit-vegetable diet: Stanisław (65 y/o)

My wife, which after only a few weeks of following the diet felt much better, convinced me to try it. Her opinion on the diet, and especially the results which I have seen, made me decide to follow it. In my opinion, the most difficult part was switching from eating meat and potatoes to just vegetables and fruits. Only after a few days did my body switch to the other gear and the feeling of hunger became weaker. I’ve dropped from 120 kg to 98 kg, my blood pressure got lower, I feel younger and more functional. 

Karolina’s opinion (24 y/o)

For me – a coffee and chocolate aficionado – letting go of these drugs was the most difficult. It resulted in headaches, lasting from the second to the fourth day of the diet, but since I knew the authors opinion on the subject, that these are the symptoms of a healing crisis, I accepted the pain with humility. I have survived it without taking painkillers, and from the fifth day I felt good, even though I still had an urge to have chocolate and sweets. I was scared of following the diet during exams, when a liter of coffee keeps people going, but it turned out that the diet not only did not cause any problems but in fact helped in learning. Even though I came across some opinions of my friends that this experiment won’t end well, I kept my resolution and managed to finish the diet, and what’s most important – pass my exams. My skin got better, hair became glossy, and I’ve lost weight. And according to my friends, I shine with inexhaustible energy and contagious optimism.    

Małgorzata’s opinion (46 y/o)

I have abided by the guidelines of the vegetable-fruit diet for 2 weeks of my vacation, during which I was able to focus on preparing dishes from the recommended vegetables and fruits. Before undergoing the diet, I have consulted my physician, because I wanted to know his opinion on the influence of the diet on my illnesses. His opinion was clear – follow the diet, because it is rich in microelements, consists only of vitamins, does not include cholesterol, increases burning fat, so it contains all of the desired aspects of a diet. I am interested in diets for a long time now, and I know that in the opinion of dietary experts, animal products cherished by us – meat, fish, dairy – are not necessary foods, and to a large extent impact diseases of affluence: coronary disease, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, or osteoporosis. What is also convincing for me is the opinion on macrobiotic nourishment based on proper food combinations: grains with vegetables, fish with lettuces, poultry with fruit. After two weeks of the vegetable-fruit diet, I have shifted into healthy macrobiotic eating. What is my opinion on that form of eating? I will sum up with one statement: what Nature gives us, is best for people.


Before you decide to go on the diet…