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Our guests' opinions

Barbara and Jerzy from Katowice

We congratulate you on the idea and execution! We wish a successful development of the facility, interesting and grateful clients, and kindness of all of those on which your further development depends. We sincerely thank all of the Creators and executors, we hold you in our memories and prayers.

Bożena and Andrzej Niemojewski

To the wonderful hosts – we wholeheartedly thank you for the unforgettable atmosphere and sincere care. We especially thank Mrs. Krystyna – the good spirit and angel of this guesthouse.

Aniela from Warszawa , Jadwiga, Tomasz from Radom

Satisfied with the stay at this modern and comfortable Guesthouse, we express our thanks to the hosts for the tasty and varied dishes, for the conditions which allow for various motor exercises […], we wish you all the best and to stretch your wings before the guests visiting the Margaretka Świętokrzyska Guesthouse

Iwona, Alicja from Kraków

It is one of the few places on earth where one experiences the richness of: tastes, scents, beautiful nature, and mostly the power and strength of human kindness. With respect to the hosts

Dominika from Warszawa

I wish you permanent lack of vacancies at the guesthouse, but there has to be one spot for me! Because I will come back. And thanks for the sleigh ride and roasting apples on a snowy glade, among frozen trees, it was beautiful there.

Barbara and Jadwiga from Radom

Thank you for the nice and pleasant care, and a super family-like atmosphere. We wish you many clients, which will contribute to the development of the facility.

Ania, Marysia and Grzegorz

Thank you for the nice and pleasant care, and a super family-like atmosphere. We wish you many clients, which will contribute to the development of the facility.

Grateful Guests  Mieczysław i Stefan

Respect and admiration to all of those who did not limit their efforts, work, and good heart to create this masterpiece […] For Mrs. Krysia, Mrs. Małgosia, and Mr. Leszek let this idea give strength for further work on the development of this creation.

Jolanta and Lech

If you wish to lose some weight,
In Margaretka you will follow a diet,
Take some humor, smile, and two sticks,
To move the body, do some gymnastics.
There is a staff here for Nordic Walking,
For massages, and for jogging,
There is a set of treatments, a sauna, a cryochamber,
All that’s needed to defeat the problem
Of gluttony, obesity, and bone ache,
And to reclaim limb efficiency and health.

Ewa and Leszek from Warszawa

[...] Staying here allows a man to fully relax in comfortable conditions, but also provides the necessary rehabilitation. The meals are perfectly composed and served very aesthetically – the atmosphere, created by the hosts, may be easily defined as pleasant and homey. Sincerely, thank you

Romana from Szczecin, Wanda from Kutno, Dorota

To Mr. Leszek Szewczyk and his team, we thank you straight from the heart, for creating a pleasant and homey atmosphere. […] We wish good health and success in their personal lives to all of the employees, and for Margaretka Świętokrzyska to grow and host many satisfied guests

Maria and Andrzej

Our gratitude to the Owners and Employees of Margaretka, for great conditions in regenerating health and relaxing.God Bless in further work

[...] Such a good, modern facility as Margaretka is worth popularizing among colleagues and friends. Let us hope that the advantages can also be seen by local authorities, who with their support will help in further development. We sincerely wish all of that to Margaretka:

Ewa - Warszawa
Aleksander - Warszawa
Joanna – Radom
Teresa – Warszawa
Irena – Katowice
Lidia Kielce
Anita– Warszawa
Barbara – Warszawa

Marta and Stefan from Gliwice

We sincerely thank you for the wonderful stay at this Guesthouse, for the homey atmosphere, and kind service of the staff. We wholeheartedly wish for the further development of this resort facility. We return relaxed, happy, and if God allows it, we may return to this beautiful place

„Two weeks passed in no time, 
a slim figure, loose trousers, 
a healthy body, and an acute sight,
a happy attitude, and a quick pace,
All of this thanks to a homey atmosphere,
kind, nice, and professional service,
of the entire Margaretka Świętokrzyska staff,
for that, we wholeheartedly thank you”

„We know Ciekoty and Oblęgorek, and Margaretka is a similar manor house, In poetry there are interesting places here, for tourists and guest, Under the Święty Krzyż a holy location, You are going to regain your health because you will be fasting, For two weeks, shorter or longer, Here in Margaretka the atmosphere serves you well, And the table is filled with healthy foods, Dishes from the heart served to the guests, With colors they attract us to eat, And to cleanse our bodies, I feel warm in Margaretka, Despite the rain and cold, You don’t eat pork chops, bread, or milk, And yet you don’t feel hungry at all, And each day you lose a few kilograms, And surely you are happy, The stay here can not be forgotten, and without Krystyna it will hard for us, Without Angel Wings and weeds from the garden, we will quickly return here and this hunger, To Margaretka in Świętokrzyskie, about which we will tell our neighbors and close ones”

„I was here eating vegetables and fruits, drinking delicious juices, and going to treatments, where the time flew by. Remaining under the charm of the hosts’ kindness, and that of the entire staff, with full responsibility I recommend to stay with these wonderful people, surrounded by the Świętokrzyskie Mountain., Margaretka Świętokrzyska is a place I will gladly return to”