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Treatments on 8 Slender Life beds (1 cycle) - 24 PLN 

The cycle takes 80 minutes – 10 minutes on each bed. In that time, all of the muscle groups are activated. The treatment is especially recommended for people suffering from joint, back, and spine pains, people with a weak physical condition, people who are stressed out and overworked.

Scotch douche - 22 PLN 

Scotch douche is a hydrotherapeutic treatment consisting in spraying the body with a concentrated or a fan-fike stream of water, using various douches. The treatment consists in diversifying the water temperature, for example, 40°C hot water is used for 1-2 minutes, and then for 20 – 30 seconds the water has 20°C or less. Such a set is repeated two times, and apart from acting thermally it also acts mechanically due to which the treatment constitutes a separate form of a water massage. Scotch douche may be performed over the entire body or in specific places. Concentrated water douches have a stabilizing impact on the autonomic nervous system, improve blood circulation, breathing, and metabolism. Scotch douche is a treatment which also has a weight-loss, firming, and anti-cellulite effect. The treatment takes 8 minutes.

Dry (Finnish) sauna - 10 PLN, 15 PLN, 25 PLN (the price depends on the number of people) 

It is a perfect answer to stress. Thanks to the high temperature our skin is cleaned of impurities. Injuries, muscles soreness, and problems with the joints begin to reduce, while muscle pains and various rheumatic pains cease to intensify. It all will be achieved in very pleasant conditions, impacting our wellbeing.

Infrared sauna - 10 PLN, 15 PLN, 25 PLN  

This is a unique sauna, in which not only high temperatures, but also infrared waves warm the body from the inside. The advantages of an infrared sauna are eliminating muscles sores, detoxing the organism, as well as relaxing the entire body. Apart from that, this method is especially recommended for people suffering from acne, cellulite, eczema and psoriasis, painful spine, arthritis, and lumbago.

Wet sauna (steam room) - 10 PLN, 15 PLN, 25 PLN 

Is a place in which the efficiency of the body and blood circulation are significantly improved, when used regularly. Its main advantages are cleansing the body from toxins and a full body relaxation.

Bed massage with nephrite stones (40 min) - 26 PLN 

The basic advantage of performing treatments using this equipment is taking advantage of rollers made from nephrite stones of the highest quality (semi-precious stones). Thanks to heating the rollers to the temperature of 40-70OC it was possible to significantly increase the efficiency of natural infrared rays, negative ions, minerals and microelements emitted by the stones. Treatments on a nephrite bed positively impact: the osteoarticular system and joints, allergies, migraines and various pains, infections, inflammations, neuroses, diarrheas, stomach aches, rheumatologic arthritis, insomnia; improve circulation, ease the feeling of cold, increase the body’s immunity. They have an especially positive impact on haling skin diseases, eczema, psoriasis, albinism; increasing healing processes, reducing muscle sores, supporting the cleansing of the body from toxins; diseases of the urinary system, acts in an antibacterial manner.

The Turbosonic Professional weight-loss platform (10 min) - 15 PLN  

The device takes advantage of vibrations in fighting obesity, improving health, firming and at the same time forming the body without unnecessary physical effort. Improves blood and lymph circulation. It burns internal and subcutaneous fatty tissue. Perfectly supports weight loss; Reduces cellulite; Improves the body’s efficiency and physical strength; Reduces tension and stress; Reduces tension in the joints, ligaments, and tendons; It improves the overall endurance; Improves motor coordination; Stimulates the cardiovascular system.

The RAMZES chair, adjusted to a whole body massage (15 min) - 8 PLN 

A gentle or energetic massage in many available options: rolling, pressing, putting pressure, tapping, relaxing, regenerating. Depending on the needs, particular body parts or the entire body are being massaged.

Hydromassage - 45 PLN 

The bath increases the classic massage in a thermal and hydrostatic manner. Massaging the body with strong water jets combined with air, has a positive impact on the skin, reduces fatigue, relaxes and calms. It also has a healing effect on the nervous system and the psyche.

Mineral (pearl) bath - 35 PLN 

The topical effect consists in irritating nerve endings with mineral ingredients, stretching blood vessels, and strongly warming the body.