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Physical therapy

Laser - 8 PLN 

The laser is a modern, interdisciplinary therapeutic method, which finds its application in many medical fields. It prevents complications, reduces pain, and significantly shortens the time needed to regain health. The basic clinical effects and accompanying processes, happening on a tissue and cellular level, can be divided into few types: painkilling, anti-inflammatory, and antiedema, regenerating, immunological-stimulating, improving microcirculation, and desensitizating.

Local cryotherapy (2 - 3 min) - 12 PLN 

This method is used to treat mild and malignant skin changes, arthritis, chronic neck spine inflammation, circumarticular and injury inflammations, sprained joints, fighting chronic and dysfunctional pain, involuntary and central nerve spasms, it is also used in the process of neurological rehabilitation and treating serious and old sports and post-surgery injuries.

Magnetronic - 8 PLN 

Using this device reduces symptoms related to the pain of the irradiated spot, prevents the creation of new inflammation spots, and enhances the healing of those already existing. Furthermore, it is a great method of relaxing tense muscles, it also improves cellular metabolism.

Electrotherapy - 10 PLN 

Using therapeutic electricity of various types. The goal of electrotherapy is easing pain and improving the blood supply of the stimulated tissue. It enhances the absorption of swellings and intra-articular exudate.

Ultrasounds - 10 PLN 

Mechanical vibrations with the frequency of 800-24000 kHz are used during the treatment. The basic effect ultrasound has on tissues is a mechanical one called “micromassage”. Ultrasound treatments have the following effects: painkilling, reducing muscle tension, stretching blood vessels, slowing down inflammatory processes, removing the so called heel spurs, forming biologically active compounds, impact on body enzymes, slowing down the sympathetic nervous system, speeding up tissue absorption.

Sollux Lamps (10-15 min) - 7 PLN 

Infrared radiation emitted by the Solux Lamp penetrates deep under the skin, thanks to which the circulatory system becomes stimulated. This results in an increased supply of blood, stretching of the blood vessels, due to which the irradiated spot is provided with more nutritious substances and discards harmful elements faster. The Sollux Lamp halts the development of various diseases and afflictions, and helps in the process of healing them.

Bioptron Lamps (12 min) - 7 PLN 

The BIOPTRON light therapy, may in a natural manner support regeneration and the body’s capabilities to maintain balance, due to which it helps the body to release its own therapeutic potential. After reaching the tissues, the light’s energy supports the process of biostimulation (which means that it stimulates, in a positive manner, various biological processes of the body, and thus enhances its function).

Kinesiotaping - 35 PLN 

A therapeutic method consisting in covering selected spots on the body with tapes of a special structure, which is one of the taping methods. It uses a specially created tape – Kinesio Tex Gold. It is a tape which does not restrict movement, stretches only lengthwise, with its weight and thickness close to the parameters of the skin, water resistant, and allowing air flow thanks to a wavy meshwork. 4 basic physiological functions: reduces pain and sensory hypersensitivity of the skin and muscles, corrects muscle function, reduces the amount of lymphatic liquid which causes swelling, corrects the position of a joint.

Individual exercises (PNF, McKenzie, Ackerman) (30 min) - 35 PLN 

Methods based on neurophysiologic motor development bases. The set of exercises is individually selected by the therapist, and adjusted to the patient’s capabilities, and the set goal. The methods find their application in treating and rehabilitating orthopedic and neurological afflictions, degenerative diseases, bad posture.

Ugul (30 min) - 5 PLN 

UGUL cabins are designed to treat afflictions of motor organs with the use of motor exercises and therapeutic support. The treatment takes advantage of full suspension, active exercises, as well active resistance with the use of a pulley and weight system.