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Therapy, rehabilitation and relaxation massage

Massage in our pension

masazePension "Margaretka Holy Cross" is the place that has been created for people who dream about a moment of relaxation and soothing to the soul and body.

In our Pension, you can take advantage of the unique rituals designed for those looking for a break from everyday stress and desire to regain well-being and beauty.



We offer the following types of massage:

Classical massage  

Massage within the scope of physiotherapy and one of the oldest methods of treatment. The aim of this therapy is to affect the motor system (muscles, tendons), and also on the nerve endings in the skin. Indirectly, classic massage also works on internal organs.

Relaxation massage  

It is a specific combination of classical massage and energy form - the basis for an intuitive massage tailored to the needs of the patient. Massage is designed to equalize the excitement and tension. Already after the first massage, many people feel satisfaction, better mood, and often better sleep. It causes the liquidation of psychosomatic tensions, it gives relaxation after a hard day. Calling a state of relaxation and joy followed by the release of endorphins (the happiness hormone), so relaxing massage is a great, natural way to relieve stress.

Hot stone massage  

Nice sensible heat during the treatment helps in the transmission of energy at its deficiency or absorption of excess stored energy in the diseased parts of the body. The effect is amazing pampering, relaxation, inner balance, muscle relaxation and stimulate circulation. Hot stones are a wonderful kind of connection with nature. The treatment is especially recommended for people who are prone to stress, anxious, depressed, having muscle pain. It works very soothing to the mind, regulates the emotional zone, relieves muscle tension, improves the functioning of internal organs, stimulates micro-circulation, eliminates stress and anxiety, provide strength and resilience.

Foot massage with elements of reflexotherapy (20 minutes)  

Properly executed foot massage affects the whole body. The purpose of this massage is to activate the body's self-healing processes to the natural physiological balance. It stimulates the nerve endings in the feet, improves the functioning of the nervous system, the heart and the circulatory system, the liver, kidneys and all internal organs. It is a natural process of self-healing.

Vibrating massage (25 minutes)  

Reduces pain and tension around the muscles, rheumatism, degenerative changes of the spine.

Chinese cupping massage (anticellulite, firming) (25 minutes)  

Massage with the use of vacuum bubbles used, inter alia, the reduction of excess fat and cellulite. Massage recommended for people who care about healthy and slim figure. Recommended in order to obtain a healthy and firm skin. This massage stimulates circulation of blood and body fluids, helps get rid of waste products and toxins from the body. Is of inestimable power for use in the anti-cellulite treatment or as lymphatic drainage. Ideal relaxes and calms. It is good for people stressed out, tired, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and after exhausting exercise.

Swedish massage (European)  

Is the quintessence of the best and most popular massage techniques used in Western Europe. It is a dynamic massage with deep oppression. Because of rooted traditions and high efficiency is one of the most frequently chosen by customers. This massage is often recommended by doctors to patients overtired physical and mental work, with posture defects, as well as prophylactic and therapeutic massage. Often, after the first massage pain in joints and muscles passed. Used prophylactically in the form of holistic massage improves the overall physical and mental fitness. In the states of continuous voltage Swedish massage brings immediate and long perceptible relief and general relaxation.

Masaż rosyjski -miodowy  

Niezwykły, rozluźniający masaż połączony z polewaniem ciała ciepłym miodem i oliwą. Masaż głęboko odżywia i nawilża przesuszoną skórę, która staje się gładka i jedwabista w dotyku. Przyspiesza procesy regeneracji komórek naskórka, działa antyrodnikowo i łagodząco na podrażnienia. Masaż ciepłym miodem wspomaga wydzielanie gruczołów potowych ułatwiając usuwanie przez skórę szkodliwych substancji. Masaż rosyjski ciepłym miodem ma również działanie terapeutyczne, przeciwzapalne i przeciwbólowe. Zmniejsza napięcie mięśni, stymuluje metabolizm, poprawia ukrwienie.

Therapeutic massage  

Similar to the classic massage, it uses techniques but adapted to the disease entity, eg sciatica, pain in the spine and other degenerative diseases. For therapeutic massages include, among others: point massage, foot massage, vacuum massage. Often, after the first massage you will notice improvement in the quality of sleep. Therapeutic massage frees you from persistent headaches, neck and back. A healthy spine - a healthy internal organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, sex organs. Therapeutic massage also improves the absorption of medications, increasing their performance.

Modeling (sliding) massage  

Massage with the use of vacuum bubbles used, inter alia, the reduction of excess fat and cellulite. Massage recommended for people who care about healthy and slim figure. Recommended in order to obtain a healthy and firm skin.

Ear candling  

It is a treatment based on the original method Hopi Indians used to treat ENT diseases and their prevention. Candling is ideally suited for the treatment of hearing loss, migraine pain, will adjust the pressure in the ear canals (ringing and noise), eliminates stress in cases of irritability, frequent respiratory infections in children, clears the sinuses. This method is non-invasive, pleasant, and the candle is made on the basis of beeswax and herbs whose scent relaxes and herbs have medicinal properties. The treatment is also recommended for people who actively practice sports such as swimming, skiing or sailing, where the ears are particularly vulnerable to external factors such as water and wind. The procedure allows you to remove wax from your ears.

Price List

Partial classical massage 30 minutes - 38,00 PLN

Classic full body massage 45 minutes - 62,00 PLN

Classic full body massage 60 minutes - 72,00 PLN

Swedish massage (European) – 35,00 PLN

Therapeutic massage - 35,00 PLN

Modeling (sliding) massage (only with a vacuum bubble) – 50,00 PLN

Relaxation massage (full body) – 70,00 PLN

Hot stone massage (partial) - 50,00 PLN

Hot stone massage (full body) - 100,00 PLN

Foot massage with elements of reflexotherapy – 30,00 PLN

Vibrating massage – 20,00 PLN

Chinese cupping massage – 42,00 PLN

Ear candling – 50,00 PLN

In addition to the above services in the field of massage, we also offer a full range of therapeutic treatments and rehabilitation.