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Board at the Margaretka Świętokrzyska Guesthouse

Look at the assumptions of doctor Ewa Dąbrowska’s diet...

The dishes served at our restaurant are made from not heavily processed ingredients, purchased from ecological farms of local farmers, thanks to which we can guarantee the best, fresh taste.

The menu at our restaurant bases on the principals of doctor Ewa Dąbrowska’s fruit-vegetable diet. It stimulates the body in such a way so that it takes advantage of its internal energy resources, and cleanses itself from toxins.

Dąbrowska’s diet should be followed mainly by people suffering from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, arteriosclerosis of the blood vessels and the heart, various allergies, asthma, problems related to metabolism, degenerative changes in the joints, and many more, as well as healthy people as a preventive manner.

Eating in accordance with doctor Ewa Dąbrowska’s guidelines, you will significantly limit the number of needed medications, and be healthy for many years!


Possible diets:
Complete 15 PLN/day 100 PLN/7 days 200 PLN/14 days
Macrobiotic 15 PLN/day 100 PLN/7 days 200 PLN/14 days
Gluten-free 20 PLN/day 130 PLN/7 days 250 PLN/14 days
Vegetarian/Vegan 15 PLN/day 100 PLN/7 days 200 PLN/14 days

Check-in begins at 12 PM before dinner, and check-outs not later than at 10 AM, after breakfast.