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Daniel’s fast - recipes

Daniel’s fast - recipes Date of publication:29.03.2017 09:10:07

What can be eaten during Daniel’s fast

  • Root vegetables – carrot, celery, beet, parsley, horseradish, beet, radish, turnip,
  • Leaf vegetables – lettuce, celery, parsley tops, kale, cress, dill, herbs,
  • Alliums – onion, leek, garlic,
  • Nightshades - peppers, tomato,
  • Cruciferous vegetables – white, red, savoy, napa cabbages, cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli,
  • Cucurbitaceae – pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber,
  • Fruits – apples, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi.


What do we use to season the dishes

Horseradish, lemon juice, marjoram, caraway, Provence herbs, parsley tops, dill, rock salt.


What don’t we eat during Daniel’s fast

  • Potatoes, legumes, cereals,
  • Bread, meat, oils, nuts,
  • Milk, coffee and strong tea, as well as alcohol.


Daniel’s fast menu

  • Salads (combining any vegetables),
  • Vegetable lecsó,
  • Soups (water based – without meat and fat); for example pumpkin soup, carrot soup,
  • Stewed and boiled (best steamed) vegetables,
  • We eat as many vegetables as we want, be careful in terms of sweet fruits,
  • Vegetable bigos,
  • Roasted vegetables/fruits.


Daniel’s recipes – daily menu


Recipes for day 1


  • Carrot juice,
  • Beetroot leaven,
  • Pickled cucumber water,
  • Onion soup,
  • Boiled broccoli,
  • Fresh cucumber and radish salad.


  • Cucumber soup,
  • Stuffed pepper,
  • White cabbage with carrots,
  • Kiwi,
  • Apple kompot.


  • Lecsó,
  • Tomato on arugula,
  • White turnip, orange, and apple salad.


Recipes for day 2


  • Carrot-celery-parsley juice,
  • Beetroot leaven,
  • Pickled cucumber water,
  • Pepper soup,
  • Quartered tomato with onion,
  • Napa cabbage with grapefruit and apple.


  • Zucchini soup,
  • Cabbage roll with tomato sauce,
  • Iceberg lettuce, fresh cucumber, and radish salad,
  • Spinach fantasy smoothie,
  • Black currant kompot.


  • Fair soup with diced carrots,
  • Pickled cucumber, pepper, and onion salad,
  • Red cabbage and apple salad.


Recipes for day 3


  • Chokeberry and apple juice,
  • Beetroot leaven,
  • Pickled cucumber water,
  • Stock,
  • Boiled cauliflower,
  • Quartered pickled cucumber.


  • Sauerkraut soup,
  • Stuffed tomato with spinach,
  • Leek and apple,
  • Grapefruit,
  • Apple-berry kompot.


  • Onion soup,
  • Celery and apple salad,
  • Napa cabbage with tomato and pepper.


Our recipes


1. Pickling beets:

Put 1 kg of peeled and sliced beetroots into a stoneware jar and cover with 2 liters of boiled water. Add two flat tablespoons of grey salt, 1 spoon of sugar, 3 cloves of garlic, and the crust from a whole wheat bread wrapped in muslin. Cover the jar with muslin and keep in a warm place. After 3 days take the crust out so it doesn’t rot. Drink the juice or use in soups. Strain the rest into bottles and transfer to the fridge. Use within one month. 


2. Vegetable pate:

2 large celeries, 2 large parsleys, 1 small carrot. Wash and boil the vegetables. Peel. Grind the boiled vegetables with a machine, add: natural vegeta, rock salt, herb pepper, grated garlic, parsley tops, marjoram. Combine all of the ingredients, and place about 700 g in a form. Bake for 45 minutes at 170 degrees. 


3. Cream of pumpkin soup::

Wash, peel, and slice the pumpkin into small pieces. Boil in water with sea salt, herb pepper, and natural vegeta. Blend. 



More recipes available soon on a special page at our website. Please visit us again.